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“Paul has been my
mentor since high
school and continues
to give me the tools
for authenticity and
success as I continue to
develop as a leader.”

—Brian Petro, Seminarian


Be the best. YouCan.

YouCan has created an inspired approach to help youth build character, live virtuously
and discover a sense of purpose. It all starts with discerning God’s calling. Our motivated
and experienced leaders help students define a direction and create a plan that helps
them succeed without compromising their character. We’re excited by the potential of
the next generation and we do our best to impart positivity into every YouCan experience.
See for yourself.

YouCan serves:

• individual students
  (ages 10 -18)

• individual college
  students (ages 19 -24)

• youth organizations

• faith-based groups

• educational institutions

You’ve got to stretch yourself to dream                        before you can stretch yourself to             succeed. Goals make you grow. Famous FailuresRecommended Video:
Famous Failures: You might be surprised by the rejections and difficult hurdles icons
like Abraham Lincoln, Lucille Ball and Michael Jordan have overcome to become great.

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