YouCan coaching sessions make a great graduation, confirmation, Christmas or birthday gift.

Five-Steps to Success

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"Working with Paul, I
was able to witness
his gifts of mentoring,
his speaking and communication skills,
and his ability to
connect with people."

—Kelly, Associate Youth Leader

YouCan coaching. It starts with you.

Regardless of maturity level, motivation or perceived difficulties,
YouCan effectively reaches individual clients through personalized
coaching and niche training.

This tailored, customized approach is designed to reverse negative beliefs that may slow or
undermine personal and professional development. Our teachings set clients in the right direction,
equip them with valuable skills and motivate them to set and achieve goals.

Benefits of YouCan coaching include:

• increasing self confidence

• gaining the ability to identify individual

   strengths and talents

• making more positive decisions

• learning to overcome failures

• understanding how to set goals & work to reach them

• procuring effective networking and self-promotion skills


Middle and high school are impressionable times for a young person. During these years, a teen begins to solidify and develop his or her beliefs and values. YouCan strives to reinforce beliefs which are consistent with positive values and tear down negative values that are often self-destructive.


College, trade school and technical training opens up a world of possibilities and offers the potential of a promising future. But these opportunities also come with a significant investment of time and money. YouCan coaching can help students focus on a field of study that aligns with their individual strengths and talents—eliminating the stress, confusion and apathy that results from wasting time in improper courses. Furthermore, YouCan coaching prepares college students to put their education to good use and stand out in a competitive world.

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