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Schedule two YouCan
workshops for your group
and get a third workshop
at no additional cost.

(Workshops must be
conducted within 90 days.
One per organization.)

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"I have known Paul for
many years in a personal
and professional capacity.
He has shown great
results in mentoring
individuals of all ages.
Without reservation I
recommend Paul to help
anyone find true life

—Bart Thomas

Bringing the YouCan message to the masses.

From small group workshops tailored to meet the desires of your
organization to insightful lectures that educate and motivate students,
YouCan is an excellent resource for you and your school, team or parish.

Engage YouCan to enhance your curriculum or address serious issues commonly found in
group dynamics such as bullying, low self-esteem and peer pressure. Our YouCan Advantage
group workshop modules include:

Juggling the Right Decisions: content focuses on learning to choose between right and wrong

Have Faith!: an enlightening message of embracing the Catholic identity and being faithful
   in all that you do

Do Unto Others: teaching individuals how to support one another and have respect for others;
   emphasizes anti-bullying

Super Heroes Live Virtue: a fun way to show why being virtuous is cool

Oops! Try Again: a program that demonstrates how and why making mistakes can ultimately
   make you stronger

When I Grow Up: a workshop that helps youth discover their strengths and passions

Call or email us for workshop pricing.

You’ve got to stretch yourself to dream                        before you can stretch yourself to             succeed. Goals make you grow. Famous FailuresRecommended Video
Courage: Be inspired with moments of courage and be motivated to be
a person of courage who stands up for truth and goodness.